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Dermatologist Cape May Ct Hse, NJ

Because of Dr. Weiss' unique educational background in the three medical fields of Dermatology, Internal Medicine, and Pharmacy, this website is oriented not only to diagnosis and treatment but also to teaching. Dr. Weiss' practice, however, is limited to dermatology. Dr. Weiss will, whenever possible, try to show how the skin, the largest body organ, is affected by other internal body organ systems and by the pharmaceuticals we apply externally and ingest internally.

In addition, Dr. Weiss will always try to explain why one has a certain condition or ailment. And, Dr. Weiss truly believes that informed patients are better able to make decisions regarding their health and welfare. Also, Dr.Weiss, even with all of his educational credentials(see below), is an ardent supporter of not just the science of medicine, but, perhaps, even more importantly, the art of medicine.

Therefore, it is the expressed goal of Dr.Weiss and the staff of Robert J. Weiss, MD PC that no patient shall leave an encounter here unhappy.




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The skin and medicine website is intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose your condition, nor is this information or products or treatments on this site to be used in lieu of consulting your physician or other qualified health care provider.