By Robert J Weiss MD PC
June 20, 2014
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                     Did you know that an estimated 76,000 Americans(with more than half of them men)

will be diagnosed with malignant melanoma skin cancer this year and almost 10,000 will die from it.

                    And,please remember that  malignant melanoma,one of the deadliest of skin cancers,

can develop in unexpected places (ie,non-sun exposed body areas) including the soles of your feet,

between your toes,on the hair-covered portion of your scalp,under a fingernail,in the ano-genital

area,and even in your eye.

                  Therefore,everyone should do a monthly self-check skin exam looking for a change in

size,color or shape of an existing "mole" or the development of a new "mole."

                  In addition, it is unusual for new "moles" to develop in an individual after age 40,and

such lesions should be considered skin cancer until proven otherwise.

                 So,please get a total body skin exam from your healthcare practitioner at least once

a  year and report any skin changes as described above  immediately.