Merkel Cell carcinoma(MCC) is a relatively uncommon but highly aggressive skin cancer.

                             Many cases have been tied to infection with a virus called "polyomavirus."

                            The good news about MCC is that it is rare.The bad news is that unlike other skin cancers

including maligant melanoma  it can be very difficult to diagnose on physical examination. Although it can

be a red or blue bump,(almost like a pimple),it can also present as a small flesh-colored elevation. And,it

can range in size from one-quarter inch(the size of a pencil eraser) to more than two inches.

                             About one- half of MCC's originate on the sun-exposed head and neck,about one- third

on the legs and about one-sixth on the arms. Sometimes no anatomical or primary site can be identified.

                            As with any  cancer,whether internal or skin,early detection and treatment before it has

a chance to spread markedly increases the survival rate.

                          Again,report and changes in size,shape,color or evolution of your skin and body areas  to

your health care practitioner and get regular skin and physical examinations.