Recent clinical investigations have  suggested a link between psoriasis and an increased risk of several

malignancies including non-Hodgkins lymphoma,non-melanoma skin cancer,and cancers of the liver,respiratory

tract and urinary tract. The cancer risk might be related to the chronic inflammation associated with psoriasis and/or

psoriasis treatments such as phototherapy,cyclosporine,and methotrxate.

                   In summary,psoriasis was associated with a 5 year malignancy rate of 115.5 cases per 10,000 person-

years compared with 96 per 10,000 for the general population.

                   Now,in my opinion,please do not be scared by this posting if you have psoriasis.Keep in mind that

thousands of people both here in the USA and worldwide have psoriasis and will never have cancer.

                   However,in my opinion,it should reinforce the need for all of us to get regular checkups with our

healthcare provider and to report immediately any possible signs of malignancy such as unintended weight

loss,unexplained pain and bleeding ,etc.