Does chronic moderate to severe inflammation on the outside of the body (ie,the skin)

indicate significant inflammation on the inside of the body (ie,the internal organs ) ?

           Recent studies seem to be pointing in this direction (please see my  3 previous

posts on Psoriasis). In addition to these 3 articles another example of this skin-internal 

body correlation is that men with psoriasis seem to be more prone to the "wet" or more

serious (vs."dry" )  type of age-related macular degeneration of the eye.

          Another example involves  recent research indicating that moderate to severe

Acne Rosacea,the "adult" type of acne made worse by heat and sun-exposure vs. the

so-called teenage Acne Vulgarus-which,by the way,many  adults still have late in life,

is associated with coronary(heart) artery disease.

          And,the authors of the study  suggest that patients with Acne Rosacea be screened

for coronary vascular risk factors such as hypertension,diabetes,and  high cholesterol.

         In  fact,then, it is becoming more and more clear that any disorder with chronic

moderate to severe inflammation-whether external or internal- may be associated with

coronary artery disease risk and metabolic consequences.

         The bottom line again is  regular checkups with their healthcare provider and to report

any changes in body signs or symptoms at once.

Coming soon.