By Robert J Weiss MD PC
September 05, 2018
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                    Did you know that the new onset of dry skin-called ichthyosis or "fish scale skin" in adult life

and which does not respond to lubricating creams may be related to a type of internal cancer,especially a

type of malignancy  called Hodgkins disease which is a type of lymphoma although the use of some

medications and some benign conditions such as hypothyroidism and sarcoidosis as well as malnutrition

may be the cause.

                   Acquired ichthyosis (or dry skin) has also been related to other internal cancers including

reticulolymphosarcoma,T-cell lymphoma,multiple myeloma, and lung,breast and cervical cancers.

                 In addition,this dry skin of adulthood not responding to lubricating creams can also occur in

people suffering from leprosy,AIDS,tuberculosis,and typhoid fever.

                Also, carcinomas originating in many internal body areas have a very high frequency to

metastasize(ie,spread) to the skin. In one large reported study of internal cancers there was a 5 % spread

to the skin and in 0.8 % the skin metastasis was the first sign of the internal malignancy.

               These skin metastases often present as erythematous( red) ,painless,and rapidly growing

solitary or multiple skin nodules(a small rouded lump) on the skin  or under the skin .

             Usually, the location correlates with the underlying carcinoma,ie,breast cancers most commonly

spread to the anterior(ie,front ) chest wall.

             Again,the teaching point is to get an exam by your healthcare provider for any change in

color,shape,texture or size of your skin.