April 13, 2014
Category: Psoriasis
Tags: triglycerides   liver disease   diabetes   obesity   smoking  


                         A recent study implicates  psoriasis with a 70 % increased likelihood of developing non-alcoholic

fatty liver disease (NAFLD) which is the most common form of chronic liver disease in Western countries.

                        In addition,psoriasis patients with NAFLD were also 60 % more likely to have the severe form


                       The most distinguishing feature of NAFLD is tha accumulation of triglycerides (a type of lipid

or fat) in the liver cells called hepatocytes.

                      Risk factors for NAFLD besides psoriasis include diabetes mellitus,hypertension,obesity,

a sedentary lifestyle,smoking and a pure diet.

                      Besides advising my patients with psoriasis about the increased cardiovascular risks

(see my earlier post on the "heartbreak"of psoriasis), I shall now inform them of the non-alcoholic

fatty liver disease risk and again recommend  regular checkups with their healthcare practitioner.