By Robert J Weiss MD PC
September 05, 2017
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                There has been increasing interest recently in the scientific literature about a sunscreen called

Polypodium leucotomos (PLE) derived from a South American fern known as calaguala which is

available over the counter(OTC) in capsule form of 240 mgs.

                 One capsule is designed to be ingested each AM at least 30 minutes before sun exposure

and a second capsule ingested a few hours later. Research results indicate that PLE inhibits both

sun-induced skin cancer and photoaging.

                Side effects have been reported as minor and may include mild episodic fatigue,bloating

and headaches.However,the package insert from PLE states that "there are no known side effects."

               However,to prevent both sun-induced skin cancer and photoaging,whether ingesting PLE

orally or applying a sunscreen topically(on the outside of your skin),one must still practice good


                This includes avoiding the midday sun,wearing a hat (floppy,hopefully, rather than a cap),

 the proper clothing and sunglasses,seeking shade,and not sitting in the sun for many hours on end.

                As for me, I shall still use the topical sunscreen rather than taking a "pill" internally and

especially continue to practice good "sunsense."